Opening the Cottage


Spring has arrived and the ritual of opening the cottage is the true sign that a new cottage season is upon us. Every year cottages are weathered and need some fixing up due to the damage caused by the winter.

Although no two cottages are the same and some winters may take a larger toll on the condition of the cottage, there are many tiny things to check when opening the cottage.

  • Gutters: Clean out gutters, fix any that are sloping or loose.
  • Roof: Is the roof sagging or ridged from a heavy snowfall? Are there any missing shingles or loose metal?
  • Doors: Exterior doors may need painting or tightening. Check for any signs of forced entry or broken hinges.
  • Dock: Is the dock twisting or creaking? Are nails popping out? Are any supports corroded or missing?
  • Foundations: Check for cracking or heaving in the foundation caused from water damage
  • Pipes: Are any pipes leaking, loose, disconnected, or clogged?
  • Crawl space or storage spaces: Check for vermin and any fallen insulation
  • BBQ: Check for vermin, bugs, and spider webs. Also look for corroded burners, check gas pipes, and refill propane tanks.
  • Chimney: Check for vermin, loose mortar or if it is leaning.
  • Walls: Check for peeling paint, fading wallpaper or vents that are blocked.
  • Windows: Check locks, any cracked glass, paint or caulking
  • Deck: Check the railing to ensure it is not loose. Look for wobbly steps and/or nails popping out.
  • Plumbing Traps: Are they connected? Any missing drain plugs?
  • Bathtubs: Do they need re-caulking? Has the bathtub cracked over the winter?
  • Electric Heaters or Fans: Clean, secure electrical connections
  • Electrical: Look for discolouration of outlets and switches. Check that fuses are snug in panel and are all working.

Be sure to thoroughly check and fix all possible problems so that you can ensure a safe and fun time at the cottage for your family, friends and yourself.